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Do you know her?

Our lovely studio manager: Denise

I'm sure you know her! You probably visited her classes or got an email from her or heard her sweet voice on the phone. Yes, that's Denise!

Denise started, just like you, as a Pole Dance Virgins in our studio. That was 5 years ago (already!). With a little bit of hesitation and not really sure if pole dance is something real for her, she bought her first class package and felt hard and heavy in love with this sport. Since that moment it seems she lives in the studio ;-) Denise spent every minute that she got (and probably also all of her savings) on the pole or around the pole. Soon after she started the Soul Flight teacher training to become your excellent instructor. We adopted her as a family member in the Soul Flight crew and can not be prouder of how far she came with her dedication, discipline and compassion.

Thank you Denise! For being here. For being you.

For any inquiries, problems, praises or just something to get of your chest, feel free to reach out to Denise either via Email (, on the phone or in person at the front desk. She is your person!

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