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Updated: Jan 6

Get to know your new instructors

We have 3 new instructors for you who can't wait to get to know you and teach you all what they have learnt in the past years. They are not only passionate about pole dance but also totally dedicated to sport, dance and movements. So if you have any questions, don't be shy to ask because they are the real nerds in what they do.

The first in the line up is:


... started pole dancing 8 years ago and it was love at the first spin. It' not only her passion but we guess it's also her love, because she can't live without it! She loves to be creative while she dance and the variety and possibility that pole dance offers. To improve and to explore that's what her heart beats for. So come to her class and let her inspire you to transform your body and to follow your heart.

IG: annaskric

In the January 2023 schedule Anna's classes are:


8:45PM X-otic TriX & Sequences


7:30PM Pole Dance Level 1

8:45PM Pole Dance Level 2


... would describe herself as an economist with the soul of a dancer. Lidia is from the Ukraine with a 8-years-pole-dance background. She lives and breathes pole dance. She can't choose between pole sport or exotic dance. Her comment: "I don't want to choose!" - That's also what we love about Lidia, she is such an amazing all-round talent. You will see her teaching Pole Dance Level classes but also Exotic Dance classes. "But one thing I know for sure: if Exotic then flow. If pole dance, then find me in the air- the sky is my limit."

IG: lidia_mykhailiv

In the January 2023 schedule Lidia's classes are:


1:30PM Pole Dance Level 1

2:45PM X-otic TriX & Sequences

4:00PM X-otic Flow


... is a professional pole dancer who moved from Kiew to Berlin in March 2022. She has been pole dancing for over 8 years now . She got her certificate as a pole dance instructor from the Ukraine federation of pole sport.

What she wants to share with you: "In the class we will learn to feel our body, to dance more freely, airily and easily. For me the main thing in dance is to convey feelings and emotions, to share energy with others and show you part of my soul. Dance is a story and we are going to create it together!"

In the January 2023 schedule Valeriia´s classes are:


7:30 PM Pole Dance Virgins

8:45 PM Heels & Steel Lyrical Flow

Good to know:

All Soul Flight instructors are fluent in English. But if your are looking for a class fully in English, watch out for classes with Anastasiia, Lidia and Valeriia.

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