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Hygiene Standards - let's update those!

Thank God (and the healthcare system) that the pandemic is under control and we can get back to our life and do our favorite sport. Nevertheless we still have to be precautious and keep the hygiene standards high. For the protection of all Soulfyer we kindly ask you to bring a towel to cover the mat which you are using (it needs to be big enough cover your back when laying down) and clean the mat with alcohol (we provide this) after usage. Let's keep all the equipments (yoga blocks & straps) clean!

In the case you case you forgot your towel, don't worry - we got you covered. For 2€ you can rent a towel for your class.

For hygiene reason it's not possible to attend any classes at Soul Flight without a towel.

Thank you for your understanding. Your health is important to us!

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