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Updated: Jan 10

New prices for 2023 and what it means for you

The COVID pandemic hit us hard and now the energy crisis paired with the inflation hit us even worse but we are survivor and a strong fighter! We are not giving up! But we need your help. Your support is now even more important than ever because without you we can't survive it!

As you know closing the studio during two lock downs wasn't a piece of cake for us. To be true, it is quite the opposite. We struggled, lost one studio (yes, we used to have two studios) but we are still standing! And we are still fighting to keep the standard high, to keep the rooms warm and to operate as if nothing happened. But it did.

So now with the energy crisis and the inflation, coming with that not only our bills for heating goes sky rocking high but also our rent. We are forced to raise our prices as well to match the raising costs. We, as your home studio, as your pole family knows that this is hard, for all of us and we hope you will still support us through this hard time and be here for us because we want to always be here for you!

Starting from the 1st January 2023 we will have the new prices.

Thank you

As a thank for your understanding we have an discount code for you until the 15th January. With this code you will get the old prices. When you buy your new credits either tell the discount code at the front desk, or write it in the comment when transferring with Paypal.


I can't wait to see you in classes and dance with you into 2023.

With deep gratitude, yours Lily - Soul Flight

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