Exotic Dance with Miss Crash

Join us for an afternoon full of exotic dance, striptease and wine.

Miss Crash will teach you how own the room,either in front of 100 people or only for your special one.

In a 4 hours workshop you will learn how to be irresistible when taking your clothes off, how to move elegant through the room, on the chair, on the pole or even on you knees. Unleash your inner diva and be a femme fatale for an afternoon. Get the taste of being a real performer and own the room!

Date: 09. February 2014

Location: Soul Flight Studio, Lobeckstr. 36, 10969 Berlin

Cost: 35€ for 4 hours incl. wine

Start: 4 PM

Content: Chair Dance, Striptease, Floorwork, Basic Pole Dance Element, you will work on a whole routine

Please bring some stocking, gloves or any garment you want to take off (you don´t need to get naked!). Bring you high heels, girls!

The class will be held in english. This workshop is for mature participants only (not under 18).


Miss Crash , is a model and extreme performer from Las Vegas (USA) and has been seen and heard all over the world, from opening for Jane's Addiction on the Sunset Strip, working with Marilyn Manson, Torture Garden London Halloween, performing in Rome, Paris, and Norway, just to name a few.

Formally titled "the Queen of Suspension" after setting a world record for Body suspension in 2008, her images and performances have been widely published in such notable magazines as Rolling Stone, Spin, Vogue and Marquise, as well as many others.

She has toured the world with her unique combination of classic dance, burlesque, old-school side show, and body suspension, she has managed to not only her push her own personal boundaries, but that of her growing audience as well. Though the mainstream public may not find her choices ideal for themselves, Crash has opened their eyes and made them fall in love with her by creating a vision of the bizarre they can more easily relate to, giving them an elusive fantasy to fire their imagination. Her unique talent, within the strange and beautiful world of fetish and body modification, has made her a new and outstanding modern breed of performer.

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