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A new location, a new setting and a new blog:

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. I found a new home for Soul Flight - it was love at the first sign. When I first step in this place, I knew it was the perfect place for my baby. Even in my wildest dream I could not imagine to teach in a place like this. But let me start at the begining why I want to create this studio and this blog.

I learnt most of my pole dance skill from YouTube. There are some tricks which are easy to learn but there are some which is so hard to learn by yourself. Either there are not much videos from which you can learn that particular trick or information are missing so you can´t really get that trick. And the biggest problem I had with learning from Youtube is that I turned into a trick machine. After practice I could master the trick but I didn´t know how to put it togetehr in a nice combination. I had either watch other videos to learn or I just forget that trick after a while of not using it. I felt stuck and my natural creativity disappeared once I touched the pole.

Beginning this year I had the blast to train at Body&Pole in New York and learn from the world best. Thanks to Tracee Kafer, Marlo Fisken and Steven Retchless I changed my view of pole dance. They taught me how to dance WITH the pole, how to use the pole as a toy and not as a sport equipment. I learnt how the transfer my feeling into it. I wouldn´t say that I master all what they tried to taught me and it´s a long way to go but I can say that I did a big step forward compare to the me before New York.

So, with my new school (and with this blog) I want to teach women/men to dance with a pole, to create movements that reflect feelings, to make pole tricks are natural to the body. I want to create nice combination because that is what I´m really into when I pole dance - making pole tricks look fluent and beautiful.

Wish me luck on that ;-)




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