Soul Flight will be hosting the biggest exotic pole dance competition in 2019:

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To enter Exotic Generation Germany you must fill out the application form, provide a video link to your entry and pay the entry fee of 35€ via the PayPal. If you get selected, you need to pay 20€ to confirm your participation in the competition. (Fees are not refundable if you are not selected. The paid amount must be excluded any commission cost.)

If you want to participate in several categories you must fill out the application form for each chosen category and pay video-selection for each one. You can enter maximum 3 categories. For more information about rules and regulations please download the link below.

Pay entry fee to:


Ratio of tricks and choreography – optional.
This category doesn't require hard pole tricks from the participant.
The tricks are only an accent or decoration in the dance composition of Exotic Flow. The main attention is given to “near pole” choreography, which includes poses, floor transitions and famous floorwork (grounded tricks & techniques) which has become an iconic element of the Exotic Flow style (slow flowing movements from one to another that are based on impulses, which creates a sense of one slow stream made of sensual movements).

Ratio of tricks and choreography – optional.
This style returns to the roots of Exotic Pole Dance. This category is the closest to "striptease” compare to all the other categories. The main attention is given to sensuality and femininity as well as to sexuality and passion! Competitors are required to remove at least one item of their costume. Nudity of the chest or genitals will result in disqualification. Just celebrate the beauty of your body!


Ratio of tricks and choreography – spark off as much as you can!
This category is for those who love the “Koda-style”. Put on your heels and get in beast mode! Show us what you can do on the pole. Your tricks have to be explosiv, fast and sexy! We want to see an outstanding show not just a set of different elements on the pole. Image, idea and composition are important!

Ratio of tricks and choreography – optional.
This category is for participant who wants to tell a story in the performance. The storyline should be clear and visible. Be creative, be courageous and entertain us! The stage is for you to be experimental and explore your exotic artistry.

Incorporation of helpers are permitted.

Ratio of tricks and choreography – optional.
Exotic Pole Dance groups or duets can take part in this category. Here we want to see a real SHOW without rules and restrictions!

Ratio of tricks and choreography – optional.
This category will discover new Exotic Pole dance stars. It suits for those who just joined Exotic style from other dance styles and for those who are in transition stage between amateur and pro with special, unique dance technique. You must not have placed 1st or 2nd in ANY competition, you must not be a teacher or paid performer. 

Good luck!  xoxo

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